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Our Mission is "To Unite and Inspire a Sense of Pride and Heritage among African Americans by bridging the gap between the Past, the Present and the Future. The Flag is a symbol to remind us of our Achievements, Progress and Dedications to "Life"! Heritage Quest's "thing" is for our youth to know and understand the African American experience. Heritage Quest Enterprises is headquartered in Atlanta, GA., home to HomeLand Art's a company started in & based on the WestSide of Chicacgo. With educational Art in about 62% of Chicago schools, we're proud to continue the rich Legacy, Culture, and Community Service that HomeLand Art's established in the 90's.



T. 800-231-1811 |  info@africanamericanflag.com
3721 New Macland Road, Suite 200, Powder Springs, GA 30127

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